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This page contains a list of Pebble’s backend services, their status, and the status of work towards a replacement. It will be updated as new developments occur.

url description replacement Provides API endpoints to clients. Very simple, becomes necessary as soon as community replacement services exist. Experimentation ongoing.
Authorization endpoints. May not be necessary given a new mobile app. Developer portal. Replacement will be a part of The Rebble Store. ??? Language packs. Low priority. Format seems to be mostly understood.
App Store. To be replaced by The Rebble Store.
Support pages. Not in immediate danger. should suffice. Cloud-based IDE. CloudPebble is open source and will continue as a community project once it once it goes down. However, you should definitely export your CloudPebble projects for local safekeeping!
Timeline servers. Will continue to be maintained for an indefinite amount of time. Community replacement possible, but very low-priority. ???  
various Nuance servers Dictation support. Continued Nuance support is unlikely due to prohibitive price. Possible replacements include android’s built-in dictation SDK. Outgoing text messages for iOS. Community replacement unlikely due to difficulty of dealing with cell carriers. Account linking? (very mysterious) Most likely gmail actions. Community replacement possible but low-priority. Probably provides icons for in-app notification permissions list. Unimportant Sends consenting users’ health data to Pebble (for aggregate data and weekly emails) Unimportant