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Why Rebble Web Services?

The Pebble watch is called a smartwatch. That’s because it’s smarter than a normal watch. Part of that intelligence is incorporated into the watch, and part of it is being delivered through web services. Originally, these web services were provided by Pebble Technology, Corp. However, Pebble Technology, Corp. halted operation, and after some time these web services have disappeared as well. That made the Pebble watch a lot dumber. Not as dumb as a normal watch, but things that were possible before, aren’t possible any more. Time to ditch your Pebble? No, because…

Enter Rebble! The Rebble Alliance has created Rebble Web Services, to fill in the void left by the disappearance of Pebble Technology, Corp. Most of the services that have disappeared, have replacements now. There’s however one thing The Rebble Alliance cannot do: change every Pebble so it will use the Rebble Web Services. This needs some action by the user. No need to worry, we’ll help you step by step! Read on…

Getting started using Rebble Web Services

So, you have a Pebble watch, and want to start using it. Let’s go!

Just follow the instructions at

Open Setup Guide

General hints

More help

If you need help with something else, check the Rebble help center.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, or just want to talk to a person, join us on the Rebble Discord server, then head to #rebble-help and post your issue! You may also find additional help and resources in the subreddit or the wiki.