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Contact Rebble

Technical support

If you need help with Rebble services, you may find it useful to check the Help Center. If that does not resolve your problem, consider visiting the Rebble Discord server – we have a vibrant community ready to help out!

Billing questions

If you have questions about a bill from “REBBLE ALLIANCE” on your credit card, or have any other questions about the paid part of the Rebble services, you can e-mail us at Please keep in mind that Rebble is run mostly as a volunteer project, and isn’t anybody’s full time job … we tend to read e-mail in batches, and so it might be a week or two before you get a response, but we will get back to you!

Appstore content

If you have an issue with an app or watchface on the Rebble appstore, please contact us by email at with the word ‘appstore’ in the email subject. Please include a link to the app or watchface in question.

If you have a copyright issue with appstore content, please see the relevant section of our terms of service for more information.

Privacy and Terms of Service

If you are interested in our privacy policy or our terms of service, they can be viewed using the following links:

Anything else

The fastest way to get help with Rebble is to join us on Discord, where there are plenty of folks (including Rebble administrators!) who’d love to help out. But if you need to get in touch for any other reason, feel free to email us at Please note that it’s very hard for us to provide technical support via e-mail – we mostly use e-mail for business-related questions (billing, etc) – so if at all possible, we really do encourage you to use Discord for that kind of thing!