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Hackathon #001

2 days, 10 hours.

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Current Status: Less than a week to go!

The Rebble Hackathon is a weekend-long event on the 18th-20th of November where anyone and everyone is invited to build something cool for the Pebble platform.

Setup your development environment, join us on Discord, and spend the weekend tinkering with the smartwatch platform that fans refuse to let die.

There will be stickers sent out to anyone who submits a new app to the store, and a prize for our overall favourite submission(s).

Our Preflight Checklist

(Rebble's To-Do list:)

Choose a date
Announce the hackathon!
Provide a VM image for easy developing
Spread the word
Run a great event
Send out stickers and other goodies to participants

Your Preflight Checklist

Confirm attendance
Setup your development environment
Create a developer account
Wait patiently for
Join us on Discord and have fun!


What is this?

A hackathon! A weekend where Pebble enthusiasts can get together (virtually) and build something cool for the Pebble platform.


This hackathon is all about fun. We'd love to see some new apps on the store, new functionality for the watches, or old developers getting back into building watchfaces. It's a bit of an experiment on our part, and looking forward we'll probably theme future hackathons. For hackathon-001 it's all about building something new for the smartwatch that refuses to die.

How do I get involved?

All you have to do is fill out this form, then join us on Discord during the hackathon weekend! We'll have dedicated channels where you can ask questions and see what other people are up to.

How do I setup the SDK?

The Pebble SDK is old, the quickest way is use the official hackathon VM image. It's about 7GB, so you'll want to be sure to get it set up in advance. For alternative installation instructions (including a native install), see here.

How long is the event?

It starts Friday evening and runs until Sunday evening, from the 18-20th of November. You don't need to be at your computer the entire time! Just work on your project when you can, and drop by on Discord to chat.

How do I submit my project?

If you make a Watchface or Watch app that's ready to be published, please publish it to the Rebble appstore. If you want to write up about your project, or if it's not something you want (or can) publish to the appstore, then submit it as a project to our hackster community.

I don't know how to code, can I still get involved?

Sure! Jump on the Discord server and see if anyone else needs help. You could always make some artwork, logos, or designs etc.

What's this about stickers?

Anyone who uploads an app to the appstore during the hackathon weekend (or immediately after it) can receive free Rebble stickers! We'll add more details once we get the first batch back from the printers.

Is there a prize?

Anyone who submits something will recieve some stickers! Plus we plan to give a special prize to our favourite submission(s). The winner(s) will be chosen by the Rebble team, taking public feedback into consideration too!

Will there be another hackathon?

Yes! This first one is a bit of an experiment on our part, but we hope it's the first of many to come.