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Rebble Community Update 1

A cordial hello, and welcome, to our inaugural Rebble Community Update! Herein lies a casual compendium of recent activity within the community. If you’d like to add something, send us a tweet, or better still, submit a pull request! :bowtie:

Not even two full weeks have passed since Pebble announced their closure, and already the community has made massive strides across all targets! Documentation has flourished, with over 100 total commits to the wiki. Scratch-built iOS and Android apps are underway, and the official iOS app has been successfully duped into loading the Rebble Store. Speaking of the Rebble Store, the front end has been largely completed, while efforts to marry it to back end functionality are underway. And apps themselves are free to roam thanks to MPUless firmware, while the firmware team also attacks from the other direction with scratch-built firmware and custom FreeRTOS capable of drawing to the Pebble Time’s display. Details and links to more information for these projects and more are included below.




Mobile Apps

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